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Don't Make These Terrible Mistakes With Your SEO
I am writing this to help people further understand Search Engine Optimization, in particular I am writing about the things that can really harm your SEO and get your Website sent to the Google trash can. If you get your SEO wrong when starting out then your Website may never recover.

When you have created your first Website you are going to be focused on ways of generating traffic to your page, SEO is the best way to bring long term organic traffic to your site but you must get it right, it’s not about throwing out as much content as you can. It’s about quality NOT quantity.

There are so many services out there that offer you backlinks for a price, there are also link exchange sites that people use in an effort to get more backlinks pointing to your Website.

These are very BAD, if you use these services then you are harming your SEO.

Everything has to be natural & organic, if the Google spiders go out crawling and they find a huge number of links suddenly pointing to your site then this looks very un-natural and indicates that you are trying to cheat the system, your Website could be penalized and also every other site that you link to may also be penalized.

Another thing that can harm your SEO efforts is thin content. If you create a Blog or Press Release just for the sake of generating another backlink to your site but you don’t put any effort into creating a quality article then the chances are that your time spent creating the content has been wasted. Try to get a decent word count, I see some people doing the bare minimum and they create tiny article’s, this is ok if your just doing it to inform people of something but if you are doing it for SEO purposes then you are wasting your time.

You should aim to provide value, if your content is helping people then you are going to be a lot more successful when creating your Blog’s or Press Release’s. Think about what the reader will feel when reading your content, if you can make them happy and provide something that is beneficial to them then you will see an increased number of shares and other site’s may link to your article if it is particularly helpful.

Another thing that will harm your SEO is an unfinished site, make sure that your Header & Description is filled out properly, describe what your Website is actually about, don’t just fill the description with keywords, that is another thing that can harm your SEO.

Keywords are important, you need to make sure that you are targeting the RIGHT keywords, it is far better to target 5 low to medium competition keywords that actually relate to the content on your Website rather than targeting 500 keywords that are just about Marketing in general. When somebody searches for a particular keyword and then clicks on your Website this can also boost your SEO, it is showing Google that you have the right keywords.

Other thing’s that can harm your SEO are things like 404 Errors and missing pages, if you have created content in the past that is no longer available but you are still linking to it then this will surely affect your Website’s ranking. The spider’s that go crawling content will try to access the links and when it brings them to an error page then it will be noted and it will have a negative impact on your SEO.

I will leave it at that for now, these are the fundamentals to getting your SEO right.

When you are starting out it can be tempting to use bad services in an effort to try and get more Traffic, this will cause a lot of harm, you should instead focus on Blogging daily and producing high quality content and making sure that you understand as much as possible about SEO. You may be thinking “but I want traffic now” but what I am telling you will change your whole perspective and after just a month or two of producing high quality content and learning SEO you will start to see more traffic at your Website than you would have ever seen by using low key methods.

Overall, it takes time, effort and creativity! Do not try to cheat in SEO!

Thanks For Reading And BE CAREFUL!

Joe Rogers - AIOP Affiliate


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